About Us

Powered by a successful track record of over 20 years in the Middle East,
ZAHARA GROUP has steadily consolidated its position as one of the
leading companies in the downstream petrochemical industry in the region

Why choose Us.

Our approach has yielded us the long term loyalty and admiration of our quality and service conscious clients and continues to motivate us to further enhance, improve and refine our business practices. Here is why we think our customer would love to work with us.

Our Mission.

Our mission and our goals to adapt better to a rapidly changing and globalised market place. The ZAHARA GROUP is founded on the vision that with integrity, insight and intelligence we can achieve a more satisfying outcome for our customers, our partners and our community.

What we Do.

ZAHARA GROUP is very well versed in terms of sea and land freight services for all types of petroleum products. We have established a good reputation among our suppliers as well as customers and strengthen our business network in Africa, Middle East and Asian countries.

Reinventing Excellence

Our tag line summarizes in only two words the corporate philosophy and work culture of ZAHARA GROUP.

Enriched with our diverse international experience, ZAHARA GROUP has enjoyed exceptional growth and success in the Middle East. We have built a global network of clients, partners, associates and stakeholders and have firmly established ourselves as a modern, technically sophisticated and experienced manufacturer and supplier of hydrocarbon products to clients across the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and beyond. Our primary operations consist of manufacturing and trading in a diverse range of products related to Industrial Grade Oils, Lubricating Oils, Grease and Furnace Oil.

Over the years achieved our inspiring growth and success has been fuelled by our rock solid belief in a few simple principles - we recognize that long term relations are better than short term gains, we believe that personalized attention and exceptional service is key to customer satisfaction, we understand that consistent quality, timely distribution and responsiveness are the cornerstones of our business. Most importantly, we believe that investment in innovation and people will continue to power our growth in the years to come.

Why are we reinventing "EXCELLENCE" ?

We are “REINVENTING” because business today is not the same as it was in the past. How business is done has greatly changed. In today’s business world - the customers have different standards and expectations, the markets are more complex, challenging and globalized, technology and expertise is constantly improving and evolving, competition is huge and government and environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. To adapt, survive and succeed in the new economic and business realities of the world - we must “REINVENT”

Why are we reinventing "EXCELLENCE" ?

“EXCELLENCE” is the fundamental quality that separates the average from the extraordinary, “EXCELLENCE” is the foundation that builds a great organization and makes a great organization even greater. To even achieve “EXCELLENCE” an organization must be good at every level and in every aspect - starting from the grass-root to the top of the chain. From its product to its service, from social responsibility to environmental obligations from its commitment to innovation to its determination for growth.

To reinvent “EXCELLENCE” we must first achieve excellence and then create a new definition of it. A definition that changes as we continue to attain excellence in our field. We must reinvent “excellence” because a decade from now - what is excellent today will be considered average.

To “REINVENT EXCELLENCE” we must first create new standards and then leave them behind. This is the vision that powers ZAHARA GROUP, today and in the years to come.

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