Board of Directories

”Excellence” is the foundation that builds a great organisation and makes a great organisation even greater

Our Team

Mohamed Azam


The Chairman, Mr. Mohamed Azam, is a born entrepreneur and technocrat. He is the leading light of an Indian family with traditional values but had inculcated the habit of being innovative in any initiative that he pursues. From a humble beginning, he had established a name for ZAHARA GROUP in UAE and in the Indian subcontinent by practicing aggressive marketing and timely customer support. Under his distinguished leadership, the group had captured the Indian lubricant market being the major and reliable source of feedstock for the Indian oil and lubricant industry.

He is a staunch believer in business ethics and pursues a very healthy environment to competition in business.

A versatile technocrat that Mr. Azam is, he possesses very high quality of experience in the international arena having interacted with almost all major refineries in the Middle East and African region thereby laying a very strong foundation to his own businesses in the petrochemical sector. Today, his business acumen combined with the international experience has helped carve a niche to ZAHARA being a preferred partner to many buyers and suppliers from the international market.

Unrelenting in his fight against challenges and purposeful in his mission to contribute value to international trade, he has surpassed many milestones in his chequered career as an entrepreneur with many more laurels awaiting him in the coming days.

Radwan Azam

Group Managing Director

“There is only one Boss in Business- The Customer”

Our Focus always has been and will be to strive for excellence on a continuous basis, Reinventing Excellence to nurture the customer with quality in service and the product.

Mr. Radwan Azam, the elder son of Mr. Mohamed Azam, combines the ambitions and finesse of Generation Next with the company ethos built up by his illustrious father. With over 8+ years of experience in the family business, his understanding of the industry and the business is extensive and comparable only to his father’s.

His desire to take the Group to greater heights is however unmatched and is an indicator of the Group’s potential and future growth.

Fardan Azam

Group Director

“Change is the only thing constant in the world.”

Mr. Fardan Azam, the younger son of Mr. Mohamed Azam, is an enterprising technocrat, who brings to the table the benefits of a technically sound Top Management.

He takes the lead role in understanding the requirements of the large set of clients that ZAHARA caters to. His hands-on approach makes decision making at the technical level easier and complements the other Directors on the Board.

With a strict focus on state of the art technologies, Mr. Fardan has guided and supervised the current expansion of the Group into new sectors like Grease & Lubricants is taking place.