What We Do

”Excellence” is the foundation that builds a great organization and makes a great organization even greater


ZAHARA GROUP owns two refining plant; one located at Sharjah, UAE and the other at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Both the facilities are well equipped with state of the art refining techniques and follow the local Health, Safety and Environmental norms and standards.

The plants produce recycled base oil, recycled diesel and fuel oil as an end product. Our expertise in refining is amongst the best in the industry. We have built a good reputation over the years in processing and recycling used oil and the quality of our end product is well accepted among our customers.


The petrochemical trading division of ZAHARA GROUP was started in 2003 to leverage its well established distribution network and to further enhance our market presence across the world. Today, we are one of the leading providers of downstream petroleum products such as Crude Oil, Bitumen, Fuel Oil, Base Oil, Diesel, Naphtha, RPO, Grease and Lubricant.

Our experience in trading of petroleum products in the region over the last several years has helped us understand the requirements and preferences of our customers. We have established a good reputation among our suppliers as well as customers and strengthen our business network in Africa, Middle East and Asian countries .We value our commitment towards providing the best service to our customers.

Logistics & Shipping

ZAHARA GROUP is very well versed and experienced in terms of sea and land freight services for all types of petroleum products. Our services include consolidated shipments or full-container, full and partial charters, roll-on/ roll-off and barge or break bulk shipments. We work out the most suitable system, route and carrier for every shipment, from start to end. An extensive experience in clearance procedures, planning & scheduling strengthened by our network of owned and a selection of premium sea and land freight carriers enables us to deliver the complex needs of our customers efficiently and cost effectively.

The Preferred Carrier Strategy focuses only on carriers with the highest quality standards and density of network. Advantages of this strategic partnership are preferential access to capacity, best quality due to ISO certified services and more efficient transportation processes through co-ordination, harmonization and standardization.