Why Us

ZAHARA consolidates its position as one of the leading companies in the downstream petrochemical industry in the region

Why Us

We observe, analyze, learn, think and implement

In today's dynamic and highly competitive business world, just offering quality products and services is not enough. The market and customers are more evolved, discerning and choose their suppliers influenced by factors such as responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and customer service.

ZAHARA GROUP understood these trends a long time ago and has consciously built it into our business processes. We have built an organizational culture that expects responsibility, accountability and excellence from every employee in every department and from the grass-root level to the top of our executive team. We continuously monitor, evaluate and benchmark almost every aspect of our day to day pre-sales, sales, service and after sales processes. We encourage and obtain customer feedback and measure our performance against key parameters, we observe, we analyze, learn, think and implement. This is our way of improving how things are done.

Our approach has yielded us the long term loyalty and admiration of our quality and service conscious clients and continues to motivate us to further enhance, improve and refine our business practices. Here is why we think our customer would love to work with us.

Business Base

Innovative strategies and plans for refining petroleum


Our clients always come first. We listen and understand our clients' needs and deliver smart, customized and cost-effective solutions every time. We offer extremely competitive pricing and terms that offer value to our clients.


We believe our clients should be pleased with the price they pay for a service they want. We offer extremely competitive pricing and terms that offer value to our clients. We focus on implementing methods and process that help us conserve natural resources and minimise environmental impact.


We like to do things well. We bring superior technical capability, cutting edge expertise, reliable supply chain management environmentally friendly processes and highly skilled team of experts to put it all together so that our customers can get benefit out of it.


We like to be on top of things that we do. We gather, research, analyze and share valuable market intelligence about our industry with our customers enabling them to make informed choices.


Providing the good product and services on a great price is not enough. Providing it quickly, easily and efficiently is equally important in business. We work hard to ensure that our clients find us fast, responsive and dependable when they need us.


Experience is the mother of knowledge, and experience we have in plenty. Over the years we have developed methods, techniques and processes that give us a deeper insight in the world petrochemical production, trading & help our customer’s benefit from our experience.


Knowing what to do is only half the challenge. The bigger challenge is to actually do it well. Quality is a defining factor in every aspect of our production process. This differentiates us from others so that our customers never have to worry about what they buy from us.