Base Oil

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Base Oil

Base oils are used to manufacture products including lubricating greases, motor oil and metal processing fluids. Base oil is typically defined as oil with a boiling point range between 550 and 1050 F, consisting of hydrocarbons with 18 to 40 carbon atoms. This oil can be either paraffinic or naphthenic in nature depending on the chemical structure of the molecules.


Base oils are the building blocks used to manufacture motor oils and other lubricants like grease, lube oils. etc.

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Material safety data sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data sheet (TDS)

Group I

SN 150 SN 500 SN 600 BS 150

Group II

N 150 N 500

Group III

60N -4 CST 100N - 6 CST 150N - 8 CST

Group IV


Process Oil

Grade 500 Grade 150

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