ZAHARA GROUP is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Having high standardised techniques for recycling working towards minimizing the environmental impacts on the society


Providing secured working conditions

In ZAHARA GROUP, we work efficiently on the socio-economic responsibilities seeking to have positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We keep our employees safety first and provide operations to carryout routine checkups on safety and security. Our primary concern and approach is to be focused on safety of the environment and the people. We train our employees on different modules of oil and petroleum industry for environmental and social issues. We aim to educate them and give them a better understanding with the safety policies to minimize the issues in high risk areas. ZAHARA GROUP ensures that our products improve lives. We take extreme measures on providing benefits not only to shareholders but also to employees, suppliers, customers and local communities which will increase their utility and in turn they spend or donate the money and so on. Considering the sustainable development as our duty, We work towards building a better environment.

Health & Safety

High standards of health , safety, security and social responsibilities

The health & safety concern of our employees has always been a top priority for our organization. Our health & safety regulations are at par with best in world and are strictly implemented to minimize occupational hazards, injury risks, accidents and provide a safe, secure and healthy work environment maintaining the site and road safety for all our employees. We continue to strive for zero incident performance (ZIP), regulate and manage work place safety standards to achieve a safe working environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aiming to support the less fortunate sections of our society

At ZAHARA GROUP we take our responsibility to the community and society very seriously. The organization aims to partner closely with all stakeholders and work towards the development of the deprived communities and to support the less fortunate sections of our society.

We aim to actively engage the underprivileged sections of the community and promote education, healthcare, child welfare, occupational training and other support activities that enable individuals, families to be more independent, self-reliant and economically stable.

Environmental Responsibility

Taking on the World’s toughest energy challenges

ZAHARA GROUP has been at the forefront of environmental awareness and renewable energy management policies at a corporate policy level. We actively measure, analyze and evaluate the impact of our activities on the environment, on our technicians and our ecosystem and evaluate this against established benchmarks.

We focus on implementing methods and process that help us conserve natural resources, minimize environmental impact, reduce our carbon footprint and increase recycling. This is ensured through provision of solutions for our clients and is embedded in our production processes, procurement methods, subcontracting practices and waste management and disposal techniques. For example disposing used oil in wrong manner has the potential to pollute land, water and infrastructure. In fact it takes only one liter of oil to contaminate one million liters of water. So we need to recover and recycle as much as possible.



ZAHARA GROUP has built a good reputation over the years in processing and recycling used oil. We uphold the highest standards of recycling while working towards minimizing the environmental impact on the society. Refining and reusing lubricant oils is both environmental friendly and economical due to increasing costs of both oil and disposal. The plants ensure that they produce recycled product. Processing and Recycling of oil is our expertise, As we have grown and utilised the most feasible and highly efficient mechanism.