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Olympia Panache is Chennai’s first and finest ever Ultra-Luxury Villa community on OMR – a Residential Enclave that brings you a fine home, and a finer neighborhood. Situated in a prime location, yet tucked away in a secluded enclosure, Panache offers you a lifestyle of verve and repose.

High-end specifications including home fittings from international brands, premium facilities like House-Keeping, Butler and Concierge Services, Exclusive Clubhouse with Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Sauna/ Hot-Tub and a Coffee Shop, offer you a lifestyle of supreme comfort and indulgence, taking luxury living to an all-new level.

Over a hundred magnificent villas ranging from 4,200 square feet to 6,030 square feet in expanse, designed with the integrity of Vaastu principles and the influence of Balinese architecture, Panache brings to you the harmony of elements in an exotic haven.

With an individual pool and sundeck in every villa, Nirvana is just a dip away. Large kitchen extending into the garden area, open terraces that embrace the cool evening breeze, a home theatre and a bar counter, makes daily life a celebration. The three-storey villas with home elevator, adequate parking space, en-suite quarters for domestic staff make living in Panache a respite.

Registered with IGBC under the Green Homes category, Olympia Panache is sensitive to the needs of the environment as much as yours. Take the aid of soothing backwaters and peaceful boulevards to listen to the soft whispers of placidity.

The precision of design, the opulence of style, the flamboyance of posh and the extravagance of pamper – this is what we call living in Panache.


Panache is connected to essential and popular destinations across the city

Villa Elite
Villa Elegante
Villa Elan


Each villa is uniquely planned, employing the latest in architectural technology and design.


Let's talk! And you’ll be satisfied with the high level of our services.


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