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About Us

About Krizz

The glittering journey of KRIZZ, a unit of Kanishk Gold Private Ltd, began in 2008 under the visionary entrepreneurship of Bhupesh Jain, backed by the Jain family’s expertise in the field of jewellery making.

In the sparkling yet fiercely competitive world of jewellery making, Krizz has emerged as a pioneer in designing, crafting and manufacturing stunning pieces that stand for quality, beauty and value for money. Uniqueness being its signature standard, KRIZZ has constantly raised the bar in the domain of fashion jewellery to meet and surpass the expectations of its ever demanding customers.

From conception to completion, every piece is created with exquisite and divine care. Even the name has divinity attached to it. 'KRIZZ' is derived from the holy name of Lord Krishna.


MProduct Quality is an essential element in the Company's approach to its design methods, production process and to the market place and it is continually seeking additional ways by which it can improve both its products and services.


VTo redefine the paradigm of jewellery designing & manufacturing. It is the Company's commitment to do all that is reasonably practical and necessary to ensure that the concept of Quality.


MTo reach out and be part of every home's gold basket. Assurance is vigorously promoted, enacted and pursued in the design, manufacture and sale of all of its products.

Our Quality

Stringent quality control measures are adhered

High Quality

High quality and purity finish supported by well equipped quality assurance.

Quality Control

Quality control check at every stage of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.


Professional approach to manufacturing.


State of the art equipment.

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