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Why Krizz

Why Krizz

It takes excellent quality to satisfy customers. KRIZZ is committed to maintaining and enhancing the excellence for delivering customer satisfaction through timely performance and the provision of cost effective, quality services. Product Quality is an essential element in the Company's approach to its design methods, production process and to the market place and it is continually seeking additional ways by which it can improve both its products and services.

It is the Company's commitment to do all that is reasonably practical and necessary to ensure that the concept of Quality Assurance is vigorously promoted, enacted and pursued in the design, manufacture and sale of all of its products.

Strong Base

Currently KGPL has a strong base in supplying directly to the large retail jewellers like Joy Alukas, GRT, Lalitha Jewellery, Malabar, Prince Jewellery, Saravana Stores, AVR Jewellers, Josco Jewellers and many more jewellers in India.


KGPL has more than 52 distributors who are supplying the Krizz products to various local jewellers. Most of the distributors have been into the wholesale gold jewellery business for decades. They also handle the handmade jewellery procured from the un-organised sectors. These products are neither premium nor made as per international standards.


Krizz products are sold at premium cost due to its designs and quality with international standards and are hence more expensive than the handmade jewellery.


Branch network - supports the supply to retail houses and other retailers in the nearest area, who can come and pick up the jewellery and quantity required.

Krizz Factory

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KRIZZ has a state of the art Modern Jewellery Manufacturing infrastructure situated at Kanchipuram, Chennai. The company infuses various innovative technologies in tune with international standards to create finely crafted design and qualitatively finished gold jewellery. Its range of world class chains of high quality, superior, light weight contemporary designs is setting a new benchmark for the Industry.

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