The North West Frontier

The North West Frontier

The ‘tandoor’ or ‘bhatti’ as they call it in the more vintage parts of the world, is perhaps the most iconic cooking tool ever to be used by the Asian tribes since the beginning of time.

To the uninformed, the tandoor is a vertical oven made out of sand and clay, fueled by charcoal and working at temperatures of over 450 degree Celsius.

The tandoor is today an intrinsic part of almost every formidable north Indian restaurant across the world and can be single handedly credited, for placing Indian food on the world map as a culinary force to reckon with.

The tandoor originated in the deserts of northwestern India eons ago. That combined with the royal spices of our motherland, recipes from the kitchens of great emperors gave rise to the North West Frontier cuisine which has over time, won the taste buds of millions across the world, including the various presidential families of the United States, the royal families of the United Kingdom and many more.

At the Ministri, we bring to you the excellence of the northwest frontier cuisine in all its tandoori glory, in a 21st century avatar.

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