It’s all about You.

We believe, that there is more to dining than just great food.

So, at the Ministri, we have taken great care in designing the perfect fine dining experience for you.

Right from the moment you step into the Ministri, to what your eyes see first, to how the dining tables are configured, to how you are being served, to the lighting and the mood, to the music, to the food, everything has been designed around your comfort and joy.

The 2600 square feet of luxury space that houses the Ministri, battles the Chennai heat by air conditioning the area at 22 degree Celsius while you enjoy the food under lighting, that has been set up after several mood iterations working with India’s top electric company. For the technology inspired, we have charging points across the dining space and a complimentary Wi-Fi service so that you are ever connected with the world, even on the move.

At the Ministri, we love everything that is clean and pure. On that note, we have washrooms appointed by an organization well over a 120 years old, cleaning equipment from Germany, and a team of experts to work with them constantly.

On the culinary side, our chefs and stewards have honed their skills in the northwest frontier cuisine for many years before making their way into the ministerial kitchen of the Grill Ministri.

So be rest assured, you will be served the finest of recipes using the purest of ingredients in a setting that is a departure from the conventional form of fine dining, and more towards an artful indulgence into culinary excellence.

Thank you, for dining with us today!

Reservations: +91 988 44 56 444 | Timings - 1200HRS - 1530HRS & 1900HRS - 2330HRS